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Plan Samples


Below are a number of examples of planning projects, including comprehensive multi-year general communications plans, single issue action plans, and department reorganization and growth plans. 


Plan Templates

Basic Word Template with STEM Program Examples organized by Audience

Basic plan template organized by objective


Organizational Plans


Multi-Year Comprehensive Communications Plan

Unification of four districts


Annual Communications Plan

Diverse k-8 district



Issue Plans


Technology Platform Change Communications Plan

Moving from one notification system to another


Single Issue Communications Plan

Parent advisory committee outreach


School Consolidation Outreach Plan

From parent forums to final vote

Mobile App Promotion Plan

Increasing awareness and perception of new app


Consolidation Plan Presentation

Presentation of comprehensive plan


H1N1 Communication Plan

Preparing for possible infection


Social Media Launch Plan

Districtwide plan to launch Facebook page


Early Childhood Expansion Plan

How to grow early childhood program


Online Statewide Outreach Plan for Financial Aid Counselors

Intranet tool developed to assist counselors in workshop outreach



Department Organization & Tracking Tools


SMART Goal Plan

Adminsitrative services department


Department Budget Breakdown

Communications department planning by function


Communication Options Planning Tool

Districtwide tool to assist communication


Communication Worksheet Planning Tool

Communications department tool to assist tracking and reporting





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