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Special Projects


Even the best, fully staffed PR office needs a little help from time to time. No matter the project, we are ready to jump in and work with your team to make it happen. For example:


Project Management

Day-to-day management and expertise on a number of PR related projects including web site redesigns, events, communication campaigns, forum facilitation



School site and district level customer service, school and district level web site effectiveness, overall communication effectiveness


Content Development and Design

Create and/or edit/design content for electronic and print publications 


Social Media

Social media "makeover" complete with a content calendar for the year ahead so you're never wondering what to say


Sometimes the best way to share the details of your data is through a graphic representation that makes it accessible to everyone and a lot more interesting to most

Marketing and Promotion

In the most competitive environment schools have ever faced, we'll work with you to discover and highlight your strengths and create tools and materials that help you build the capacity to brag about them






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