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Engaging Data: Smart Strategies for School Communication

  • Superintendents
  • Principals
  • Superintendent Assistants
  • PIOs
  • Anyone that wants to improve school communication

Whether you are the principal, the superintendent, the PIO, or the  PTA secretary in charge of school communication, this book will
give you expert advice on data-driven, highly effective communication strategies. Filled with practical tips and real-life examples, you'll
access techniques and templates you can start using today to increase engagement and support for students.

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Praise for Engaging Data...

“Author Trinette Marquis makes a compelling case for data as she propels readers beyond their fear of research to a place of curiosity and comfort. Her enthusiasm for research and evaluation is contagious and readers can’t help but see data differently. Learn practical ways to track your communication efforts and measure success from one of the foremost experts on data-driven PR. Read this book and it will forever change how you approach public engagement.”

Julie Thannum, Assistant Superintendent for Board and Community Relations and Past President, Texas School Public Relations Association


“Trinette Marquis mines her years of in-the-trenches PR work to make strategic school communications easy to understand and implement. [the book] provides practical tips for each of the steps required to effectively design and carry out a successful PR campaign.”

Music Watson, Chief Communications and Public Relations Officer for the San Diego County Office of Education and Past President of the California School Public Relations Association


“A data-driven, golden nugget for any school leader who wants to maximize effective communication and marketing efforts. The step-by-step chapters dig deep into conducting research, how to build measurable objectives and simple ways to report on your public relations efforts. Schools and districts everywhere could use a little guidance to ensure all families are being reached.These samples and templates are a huge help!”

Heidi Vega, Director of Communications for the Arizona School Boards Association


“Data-Driven Communication is more than another academic recitation of public relations principles. Trinette Marquis-Hobbs has provided the principles of PR in a way that is approachable and easily digestible for any practitioner, whether they have been working in school PR for two decades or two weeks. But more than making the principles approachable, Trinette has provided examples that bring the principles to life -- something that is so often lacking from PR texts. She demonstrates how data can transform the practice of PR so that it is impacting student learning. I’ve attended numerous sessions Trinette has presented at national conferences and had great success implementing the very practices outlined in this book, I urge every school PR professional to run to their local bookseller and pick up a copy. You will not be disappointed. In fact, you just may find your practice is more organized and effective at achieving measured goals.”

Krystyna M Baumgartner, Public Relations Specialist Bay Shore Union Free School District

Bay Shore, Long Island, New York


“Without data to inform public relations, you have no foundation for the communications “house” you’re trying to build for your school district. Things will fall apart fast. Author and school public relations expert Trinette Marquis Hobbs makes this case for all public relations professionals in “Data Driven PR,” a well-stocked guide to demographics, psychographics, RACE, metrics, user flow, click rates, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and more. If you’re not familiar with these terms, and haven’t yet discovered the value of data to inform the way you work, then this book is for you.”

Evelyn McCormack, President, Mack Digital Communications


“Have you ever asked yourself what you should do about a problem or how you’ll know if your efforts are successful? Trinette Marquis can help you answer those and many other questions. The consummate data geek, her passion for research and data-driven decision making is infectious. As a teacher and a professional, Trinette provides creative ways to conduct research that help overcome budget, staffing and resource shortfalls so that your campaign launches with solid data and collects the information you’ll need to measure its effectiveness.”

Trent Allen, APR, Senior Director of Community Relations, San Juan Unified School District and Past President Public Relations Society of America, California Capital Chapter.


“This book is a must-have for any school PR practitioner. Whether you are a one-person shop who is new to the field or a seasoned professional with a team of resources at your disposal, the knowledge and insight into effectively collecting and using data will be invaluable additions to your communications toolbox.

This book is a perfect example of why Trinette is a well-known and respected authority in data-driven communications and leadership. She offers readers a detailed look at the importance of using data to drive communication efforts and provides easy-to-understand processes for collecting, analyzing and utilizing data to better support the schools and communities you serve.”

Curtis Campbell, Public Information Officer, Shoreline Public Schools (Shoreline, WA)

Past President, Washington School Public Relations Association

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