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School employees and leaders are some of the most dedicated people on the planet, but sometimes they don't have enough background and training in areas that will help them be even more successful. In addition to providing trainings at professional association seminars throughout the country, we work directly with districts and county offices to provide specific expertise designed to meet their individual needs. Don't see the training your staff needs on the list below? Email and ask us about developing it for you or referring you to a colleague who is already doing it.



Service that Sells Your Schools

Customer service training for school and district office personnel

Your Brand, Your School

Service, culture, marketing and morale come together in the school branding mix

SOS - Save Our Schools, Students & Staff

Integrating positive psychology principles to create healthy, motivating learning and working environments.

Creating a Welcoming Place for English Learner Families

Customer service training with an intercultural twist

Some Things Change, Some Things Remain the Same

Exploring the frenetic pace of change, how it affects student learning and how good old fashioned connectedness remains critical in today's schools.


Seven Steps to Better School and Teacher Web Sites

Best practices to ensure quality websites at all levels


Creating a Communications Plan that Works for You

Leads you through the process of developing a research-based communications plan with defined, measurable objectives for success - for the district or school site level. Here's a sample webinar on this topic.


CBOs are from Mars, PIOs are from Venus

Media training for district administrators 


Media Relations 101

Overview of best media practices for leadership and board members


Crisis Communication begins with Relationships

Building a plan that keeps everyone accurately informed during a crisis


Moving from Making Copies to Making Decisions

How to engage parents with your school/district in a meaningful way


What Gets Measured Gets Done (and Valued!)

Easy ways to measure, track and report on your communication and marketing efforts


Sell Your Strengths, Communication Practices that Build Support for your School 

Tips for school leaders to engage stakeholders and recruit new students


Change Happens

How to take changes in stride and use challenges to make your organization better


Servant Leadership is the Path to Success

Engage your team and lead your organization through authentic service

Trinette presenting at the NSPRA 2015 annual conference in Nashville, TN.

What People are Saying about Trinette's Workshops


"Her points were backed up with humor, visuals, and it made the points stronger. She was confident, relaxed, professional, and had a great message!"

"Her advice on how to to deal effectively with angry or upset parents was very useful. I also thought her last message about how just one person can make a difference was very powerful."

"She provided ideas that were usable immediately, and talked about the need to change and be flexible without hammering us over the head. She was entertaining and funny."

"Our society is changing, the next generation will always be different than what we are use to because of technology, etc. It was a great presentation on keeping our minds and hearts open to new things, changing things to work for our future generations. I loved it!"

"I found her presentation extremely engaging and completely relevant to life in the classroom. Every component of her presentation was an "a-ha" moment! Well done!"

"I really appreciated her visual examples of how we have to adjust we way we think. This is an area I see great need in throughout our district, and am hopeful that her message at least made some people think about how they work, and at most created change in many classrooms."

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